Out of Hiding 

I meant to start blogging on September 1, I mean to do a lot of things but I’ve trouble getting started sometimes. Or I start but then it’s not good enough so I have to start again, and again, and again. Sometimes I’ll get the thing done but then I’m crippled by the fear of what will “they say, think, feel” about the thing I’ve done so then it stays hidden. I’m good at hiding. It saved me a bunch of times though so that’s not a surprise. But today is different. Today I’m writing and hitting the send button. No thinking at all is allowed once the send button is hit because thinking will cause hiding and then this thing I really want to do won’t get done. I do want to say thank you to Effy Wild ( http://www.effywild.com ) and her blog every day in September challenge. While I didn’t make it out of hiding till the end I did make it out and that’s totally new for me. 

My name is Eva. I am a recovering addict, an artist, a caregiver, a mom, and an abuse survivor. I’m starting this blog as a way to record this incredible awesomeness that is my life right now. There will be lots and lots of artiness going on, beginner tips, some pro tips 😀 and a huge abundance of laughter, love, and light. I’m kinda digging each and every one of y’all.

9 thoughts on “Out of Hiding 

  1. Although we live on the other side of the world, I love how honest and straight you are because you are speaking out of my heart as well. This is exactly what reflects in your work, your empathy and sensitivity! Thanks just for being as you are! This is what encourages me then!


  2. Hi Eva! Good for you for getting out of hiding and getting a blog started. It’s a big step, to get over the first few hurdles. You’ve done it!
    And it’s very brave if hiding is what you usually do. You’ll see that you’ll gather readers that are on your side. Keep sharing! Also in the fb group!


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