WIP what I’m working on


The very beginning of a new series I’m starting! Squeee! I’m totally excited about this. Lots of progress pics and musings on the process. Stay with me y’all it’s going to be so much fun.

Now apparently I have to wait for the metal leafing to cure for about 3 days. THat is kinda hurtin my feelings. LMBO 😀

This is the finished piece. As always it took on a life of its own, however it closely depicts how I was feeling at the time so I’ll consider it a #win.

Abstract #2

Im sure it’s probably a rule that all those lines should be straight. I don’t know I may tinker with that some. I didn’t really notice till I had posted it lol. Funny how that works sometimes.

5 thoughts on “WIP what I’m working on

    • Hi Jana! The piece is in the very first stage! I was arranging the collage elements and then glued them in place with gel medium. I am aiming for a lot of texture in this one. It will be a abstract-y cityscape, hopefully 😂😂 it is a series I’m really super excited about starting. I’ll post some more wip pictures this afternoon 😁.
      I am a super newb with blogging. This is my first blog so I’m still in the early learning stage. Thank you so much and we can learn this together 😂😂😂


  1. Congratulations on your new Blog, I will be looking forward to following it, making and keeping a blog is not easy when we have not done one before, I have tried a few times my self, but find it overwhelming to have to write and come out with stuff to continuously keep it interesting. I am sure that just like you one day I will find the courage and a way to just do it. Slowly we all learn all we need to keep up with the technology that grows by the minute. I feel grateful to be in this era where we can share and learn from each other, we are no longer alone in our studios, no longer having our talents to our selves or only a few, now we can reach corners that we don’t even know that exist on the map! I wish your inspiration will flow to you for this blog with as much ease as does your beautiful art and that it will be the stepping stone to reaching many new wonderful people and opportunities.


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